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Marvetta Rutherford

It was brought to our attention that Cleveland mayoral candidate Kevin Kelley has prominently featured the 2016 Fixers film on public transit on his campaign website's transit page.

While the Fixers films are public documents, it does seem odd to have the collaborative work that went into making Marvetta Rutherford's film be so superficially leveraged to imply a closeness between Kelley's campaign and The Fixers that does not exist.

The phenomenal Clevelanders featured in the Fixers films were deeply involved in crafting the film's stories that were then widely shared during the 2016 RNC. Every one would have a lot of useful input for a local leader genuinely interested in representing their constituents. That said, Kelley's passive mention and non-engagement with those involved in this work speaks quite loudly.

To be clear, The Fixers has no affiliation with Kelley's mayoral campaign.

For further detail on Cleveland mayoral candidates' stances on biking/transit issues, see Bike Cleveland's candidate questionnaire.

Marvetta Rutherford's Fixers film is available here.