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"The Fixers films... are gorgeous and poignant, and through their narratives indirectly condemn the city’s top-down, slavish devotion to accommodating the convention and its attendees. Clevelanders shown in The Fixers have been left to plug the holes where government won’t, which seems especially cruel given the favors granted to the RNC." - Alex Baca, Slate Magazine

"Again and again, The Fixers project shows the importance of the involvement of the community, both in the films themselves and at city-wide events that have been taking place for the past month. During the associated panels and community discussions, stories have emerged about how some neighborhoods have developed solutions to the particular issues they face, inspiring conversation about how such ideas might be applied in other areas... Stories like these have been as central to the project as the films themselves; Sopko says the relationships that have been built through this ongoing dialogue are the real goal of the work." - Julia Christensen, Hyperallergic

"With agenda-filled, pro-Cleveland propaganda surfacing for months, local artists, filmmakers, community advocates and activists known collectively as the Fixers are working together to offer an alternative to the official, limited narrative. Quite simply, the Fixers is the most important art project in Cleveland this year, and perhaps, the most important ever." - Josh Usmani, Scene Magazine


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