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Maria Miranda & Susan Greene, With Birthing Beautiful Communities

A Cleveland reproductive health advocate and a long-time midwife drew together local practitioners to examine how doula and midwife involvement before, during and after labor is helping address Cleveland's high infant mortality rate, particularly among women of color.

Vel Scott

A long-time entrepreneur and community leader from Fairfax/University Circle describes how her community-based nutrition classes are helping Cleveland residents address symptoms of preventable disease through plant-based cooking.

Marvetta Rutherford

A lifelong-time public transit rider talks to fellow riders in Fairfax/Kinsman about their experience using local transit, and the impact of both investment and divestment on what services are available to them.

Tanese Horton

A day in the life of one of Cleveland's 25 Wraparound School Site Coordinators.

The Fixers: Trailer

Trailer for The Fixers — a collaborative film series about democratic process, public policy and who tells Cleveland's story during the 2016 RNC.

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